Percorso Hebert

The path Hebert was born to coach an individual and do exercise in the natural movements that he can do in situations which nature presents and requires. L’hebertismo è, So, a form of physical exercise designed to get a "full physical development through a rational return to the natural conditions of life". For this physical Hébert (its inventor) He described key activities that can be found in the location named after him such as
-L’arrampicata ( rope climb, pole, trees, switch to marinara on ladder with feet and/or hands ...)
-La corsa
-L’equilibrismo (is. its a stick, on stones 3 support making a move at a time, walk in balance on the head with something, hand or face) etc..
Duration: the time of the path;
  • Orari: from hours 10,00 at 13,00;
  • Contribution: free;
  • Participants age: Come on 4 to 14 years.
  • Maximum number participants: single continuous participation.
  • By the Scout CNGEI