At lunch in the Park

What could be better after a hike in the Park, they sit at the table to enjoy some of the local delicacies?
The environmental education center for this reason rigged at the café-restaurant space Kittens Jazzo where cuisine is served in an atmosphere of rustic and friendly Park offering traditional rural culture based on typical products of excellent quality, collected in Hill materana companies. It is also the encounter with these flavors, fruit of the work of small family farms, that tells a territory. The service is available every day, but reservations are recommended to 0835/332262 or

Caciocavallo, Doggy, sheep's ricotta, Crispy peppers, cardoncelli mushrooms, crostini with various vegetable creams, Red eggplants, grape hyacinth, Grilled Zucchini, Sun-dried tomatoes, Eggplant, fedda rossa, olives in lime, crostoni with mashed beans and chicory, crostoni with spinach and mushrooms

Crapiata (Lentil soup, cicerchie, fave mozzicate, ceci, wheat, fagioli)
Mashed fava beans and chicory
Black chick pea soup
Orecchiette with the materana (with cherry tomatoes, cacioricotta cheese and crispy peppers)
Cialledda cold
Hot cialledda
Bread dumplings with aromatic herbs
Eggplant patties
Omelets with onions, Zucchini, Asparagus, potatoes
Fresh dairy products (mozzarella, burratina)
Scalloped potatoes
Vegetable flan

Green Salad
Caprese salad
Salad of oranges and olives
Baked potatoes

Dried figs with almonds, fennel and lemon peel
Dried figs with almonds in cooked with figs
Ricotta and PEAR cake
Cherry tart or chocolate

Don PEPPINO ZERO kilometer Menu from € 16,00
Crapiata (vegetable soup with lentils, cicerchie, fave mozzicate, ceci, farro, fagioli)
Samples of: Pecorino cheese, Caciocavallo, Crunchy local peppers, Dried Tomatoes, Zucchini grilled, Eggplant, Wild onions, Nostrano Salame
Bread of Matera IGP, Primitivo wine, Water, Coffee

DONNA CARMELA Menù da € 20,00 (by appointment)
Appetizer: Caciocavallo, Doggy, Crispy peppers, frisa con pomodori, Sun-dried tomatoes, olives in lime, capocollo, salami and soppressata
Orecchiette with the materana (with cherry tomatoes, cacioricotta cheese and crispy peppers)
Seasonal fruit
Dried figs with almonds, fennel and lemon peel
A glass of wine or aglianico, Water, Bread of Matera IGP, Coffee

MICHELINO (for schools) Menus from € 10,00 (by appointment)
First: fresh pasta with tomato sauce
According to: fresh mozzarella, tomato salad and ham
Ice cream
Water and bread