The path Hebert

The path Hebert was born to coach an individual and do exercise in the natural movements that he can do in situations which nature presents and requires. L’hébertismo è, So, a form of physical exercise designed to get a "full physical development through a rational return to the natural conditions of life". For this physical Hébert (its inventor) described the basic activities that are found in the path named after him, including:
-L’arrampicata (eg climbing rope, pole, trees, passage to the sea on the ladder with feet and / or hands…)
-La corsa (is. runs at different rates, starting from a sitting position, by lying, back, in knee, jumping to knee high, scalciando…)
-L’equilibrismo (is. its a stick, on stones 3 support making a move at a time, walk in balance on the head with something, hand or face)
-Il lancio (is. ball with two / one hand / or, with trunk flexion, laterally, launch and return horizontally, vertically, bandy…)
-Il salto (is. feet together, on one foot, extending the foot, Height, in length, leapfrog…)
The transport (is. Objects, of people on the back, on arms, a firefighter on his shoulder, sitting on shoulders, in two with his hands folded, with power to his elbows, rests on the shoulders, sitting on shoulders, suspended on a pole…)
-Il nuoto (is. belly up, dorso, above or below the water, bailouts, transport of objects, Deposits of objects on the bottom, Diving…
The method has been adopted by Scouting Hébert, that in health care and physical strength of a four-point basic education of children.
How to participate (Free): will take place in a continuous cycle, Participation in single, by 10.00 all 13.00, recording the time taken for each participant. In 4 receive the best of times during lunch gadgets offered by the Scout Association International Sector CNGEI.
Minimum age of participants: 11 years.