I Sistemi di Raccolta delle Acque: the importance of water for life in the Park

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To know more about the collection Systems and water harvesting in the Park.

1) Theoretical part teaching: videoricostruzione of the processes that led to the formation of the murgian plateau ’, made with 3D graphics techniques; Slideshow showing the ancient water collection techniques, of collection and preservation through a complex and ingenious water system.

2) Practical part: excursion in the Park of the Murgia with direct observation of:
• Catchment Systems, decanting, water collection in the locality of Murgia Timone;
• The Gravina di Matera and its sources of supply;

3) Laboratory of Opus signinum: realization of ’ plaster cocciopesto, used by the Romans for waterproofing tanks and cisterns, Learn more about using.

Responsible: Stefania Persia
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