Bike ride

Organised by the cicloambientalisti MATERA – FIAB ONLUS and the Association TREKKING & MOUNTAIN BIKE ..IN LUCANIA

Leaving from Matera
• Ore 9.00 Meeting in the Piazza Vittorio Veneto. Departure time 9.15.
• Ore 12.30 Deadline walk in Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Departure from CEA (2 paths)

• Morning hours 10.00 – 11.00 – 12.00 Afternoon 15.00 – 16.00

Non-Members FIAB, to participate, at the time of departure, must pay a contribution of € 1 for every path that starts from the CEA.
For those who did not have access to a bicycle, You can rent it or CEA in Matera.
For rental to the CEA, the costs are:
Rent a bike + participation 1 itinerary 5 €
Rent a bike + participation in 2 itinerari 7 €

E 'possible to carry your bike to the CEA Matera: cost 2 €, delivery of the bike at the seat of TREKKING & MOUNTAIN BIKE .. in Lucan in Via Piave n. 6 Thursday 30 September, venerdì 1 October and Saturday 2 October from 16 all 19.
E 'possible to carry your bike by the CEA in Matera: cost 2 €, delivery of the bike at the seat of TREKKING & MOUNTAIN BIKE .. in Lucan in Via Piave No. 6 Monday 4 October from 9 all 11 and 16 all 19.
For information on bike hire and transport: 320/9446249 and 380/3487128

Length of track cycling (from Matera): about 20 KM Difficoltà: media
Length of routes starting at the CEA: about 10 KM Difficoltà: easy
E 'required to participate with mountain bike or hybrid bike in good condition, equipped with efficient brakes. Check your bike in advance.

Participants are required to sign for having read the regulation of IL-cycle excursions association CICLAMINO, on the back.

ITINERARIO (partenza da Matera)
The purpose of the walk is to promote the use of bicycles as a mode, environmentally, to know the city and the surrounding area.
This event takes place on roads and little traffic: may be a hint for Sunday strollers from Matera to its Park.
It starts from Piazza Vittorio Veneto in the direction of San Giovanni. From the church of San Biagio, Kittens and by way Cererie, you go into the ward where Piccianello, for the descent of San Vito, leave the town. Through a dirt road parallel to the ss. 7 you get near the junction with the Matera-Gioia. Here begins the climb of about 1 km that leads us on the plateau of the Murgia Matera. After a short break to jazz Kittens, home of the EAA, one part to the Campo San Murgia Acito. Let the bike you can walk up to the brow of the ravine and admire the Madonna Enthroned in the rock church of Madonna delle Croci. This completes the route on the Murgia heading towards the tank and then focus on Colonial Radogna. After admiring the underground tomb and traces of the Neolithic village of Murgia Timone, Kittens another stop to jazz and then start back to Matera. You will cross the country again before reaching the hill for Matera. Once in the city to return to the streets by S. Stefano.
The route is moderately difficult due to the presence of 2 climbs, given the short, the less energetic can walk, but also because much of the route is on dirt bikes and are therefore appropriate and required a minimum of skill to ride on bumpy. Despite all, given the short, it is considered the route for all.
For those leaving the CEA, presents the path of light gradients and takes place entirely on natural background.