12ª Festa degli Aquiloni – 2014

19 October 2014 by 9:00 all 18:00
c/o CEA “M. Tommaselli” – Jazzo Gattini – Murgia Timone (Park of the Murgia Matera)

As A result of adverse weather conditions in place and planned for Sunday 5 October 2014, Please note that the 12th Festival of kites is postponed until Sunday 19 October. Below, the press release from the site of the project “UrLa: Urban Lab”, where is the ’ Edition of this ’ year of the Festival.

N. B: In the event of adverse weather conditions, the Festival will be postponed to Sunday 19 October, If this day the weather is inclement, the feast will be reworked to be conducted anyway within the visitor centre of Jazzo Kittens.

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The Feast What's New The Laboratories Come Arrivare Lunch in the Park The Partners Contact

The Feast

The ’ Edition 2014 of day dedicated to the knowledge of the opportunities and resources of the Park of the Murgia Matera, that, for 12 consecutive year, back to propose a mode of fruition of the territory based on direct experience and the fun in nature.
A wide variety of recreational activities (paths in the Park on foot and on horseback, laboratory and experiential activities, tiro con l’arco, capoeira, kite workshops and much more) allow visitors to experience a day in the nature at ’ Sport, wellbeing, Clean fun.

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What's New

La Festa degli Aquiloni is inserted into MOVE WEEK, international sports week dedicated to healthy lifestyles
The ’ initiative opens a rich calendar of events in Urban Parks and the Park of the Murgia Matera in project ’ SCREAMS – URBAN LAB, He sees the collaboration of CEA “Mario Tommaselli” and CEAS “Feronia”.

Thanks to the support of’MOM Association, le mamme che vorranno portare i bambini più piccoli alla Festa degli Aquiloni avranno a disposizione una semplice Nursery Room in the premises on the ground floor of Masseria Radogna.

La nursery sarà allestita per accogliere mamme che hanno la necessità di:
breastfeed in a "confidential";
a diaper change angle;
a place for a little NAP;
someone who listens to their need for a remedy.

Will be guaranteed the presence of volunteers in ’ Mom Association during the course of the day.

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The Laboratories

For more information, Click on the name of laboratories:

Laboratorio degli AquiloniKite-buggy (Traction kites)Sport and wellnessSmall park Knights and horseback riding for AdultsTiro con l’ArcoYoga in the ParkTennistavoloWalk “Lichens Lucani” – quelli della MurgiaNordic WalkingExhibitions Of PhotographyDell ’ Sound Clay workshopCapoeiraUnicyclesI laboratori per Bambini di Matera per TeReception and GameProject “Children and Sport”Loves to 4 Paws

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Come Arrivare

On the occasion of the Festa degli Aquiloni, sArea of Murgia Timone will be closed to traffic *, It can be accessed ONLY with the URBAN BUS MAKKAR Spa (After purchase of the appropriate ticket ’)

Buses will leave from 9,00 all 18,00 (with the lunch break 14:00 all 15:00).

The stops

Buses make the following stops in return ticket:

• Piazza MatteottiNot Recommended (Rischio di code per biglietti acquistabili solo su bus)
• Villa Longo station Mobile ticketing to Earth
New Cemetery (C. da Pantano)Mobile ticketing to Earth (Ample Free Parking)
• Jazzo Kittens
• Piazzale Belvedere

Map of stops leaving:


Buy tickets on board the ’ bus or at the ticket office furniture of Villa Longo and New Cemetery at a cost of € 1,50 per passenger are only valid for one is (for the return will be bought a second ticket that recommend buying before, to avoid the crush at the back) – N.B. Children of less than one metre height travel free!

Tips for better transport management:

  • Avoid the hours of greatest affluence to reach the Park (from Matera from 10:30 all 12:00; for Matera and 12:30 all 14:00), especially for those who have small children and is fitted with strollers. In return, the afternoon, avoid the last bus to Matera (of hours 18:00).
  • Avoid the Piazza Matteotti, preferring to Villa Longo and the New Cemetery, where will set up two mobile ticketing to reduce waits at ticket purchase on board.
  • For those who arrive from outside Matera or moves by car, It is strongly recommended that you use the New Cemetery, where, beyond the box office, There will be a ample free parking.

* Can access all ’ Area of Murgia Timone only cars equipped with disabled flag, pregnant women (showing municipal police officers guarding all access ’ medical documentation attesting to the State of pregnancy and an identification document), journalists and members of the Association (exhibiting its badge and an identity document)

N.B. For problems related to privacy and sensitive data of expectant mothers, PREGNANT WOMEN CANNOT ACCESS ALL ’ AREA of MURGIA TIMONE, as previously stated.

The journalists enrolled at ’ register, may require credit and pass, by contacting the Organization at ’ ’ e-mail aquiloni2014[chioc-cio-the]

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Lunch in the Park

You can have lunch in the Park. Recommend picnic outdoors. Whoever wants to can dine at Jazzo Kittens
Grilled sausage sandwich [€ 3,50]
Pasta al forno [€ 6,00]
Vegetarian baked Pasta [€ 5,00]
Reservations are recommended at num. 0835332262

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The Partners

Promoters Sponsor Patrocini e Partner Istituzionali
CEA “M. Tommaselli”

Association “Yellow Stones”

Network “Tutti i Chicchi del Melograno

Project “UrLaUrban Lab

Voluntary Association Materano

Supermarket Dok – Casa Rago – (Matera)

Living Area (Matera)

Reception Room Garden (Matera)

Ford Auto Brindisi (Matera)

Light Energy Center Wellness Club (Matera)

Mediterranean Buildings (Matera)

P. O. Erdf 2007 | 2013

ASM SerT Matera

The municipality of Matera

Ente Parco della Murgia Materana


European Union

Regione Basilicata

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For more information and contacts:
E-Mail: aquiloni2014[at sign]giallosassi[point]en
Mobile: +39 328 0468453 (Stefania Persia)

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