Basilicata in Camper – Itinerary

Our advice for lovers of walking tourism to discover the rest of our beautiful region.

CS: camper service
S: rest area

Matera and the Hill materana (La città dei Sassi e del Parco della Murgia Materana, Unesco Heritage)
Matera and the Parco della Murgia Materana (CS), Miglionico (Stop in the parking lot of the Castello del Malconsiglio), Montescaglioso (Stop in via Belvedere)
In the surroundings:
La valle del Basento: Ferrandina, Pisticci, Bernalda (Cuna del Vetrano)


1° giorno (The Vulture)

– Arrival in the morning in Venosa , the city of Horace, and stop near the Church of s.. Trinity
Visit the historic centre and its medieval fountains, the Church of s.. Trinity, Archaeological Park of the Unfinished Church, and at the castello aragonese
– Transfer at the natural oasis of Lakes of Monticchio for lunch
– Transfer to MELFI – Stop at City Hall parking
Visit the old town and the castle of Frederick II

2° giorno (The lucanian Dolomites i borghi più belli d ’ Italy)
– Transfer to Castelmezzano and walk in the historical centre
– Transfer to Pietrapertosa and after lunch, walk through the historic centre
– Transfer to TRICARICO for the visit to nighttime stands at urban park St. Anthony Basin

3° giornor (Matera and the Parco della Murgia Materana, Unesco site)
– Transfer in the Parco della Murgia Materana at camper service Masseria Radogna
– After lunch transfer to shuttle to Matera and the Sassi to visit.
– In the evening return to Masseria Radogna

4° giornor (Matera and the Parco della Murgia Materana, Unesco site)
– Guided visit to the Parco della Murgia Matera and the Rupestrian churches
Lunch break
– Transfer by shuttle bus to Matera, returning in the evening to Masseria Radogna

5° giorno (The Matera hills)
– Transfer to Lake San Giuliano and visit the nature reserve
– Transfer to Miglionico (parking at castello del Malconsiglio) and visit the historic centre, the castle of Malconsiglio and mother church, the Polyptych of the Cima da Conegliano
– After lunch transfer to MONTESCAGLIOSO (Stop in via Belvedere) and visit the historic centre and the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo
Overnight stay

6° giornor (La costa jonica and Magna Greece)
– Transfer to Metaponto and visit the Tavole Palatine and Archaeological Park
– Transfer and visit to Sanctuary of St. Mary of Anglona and the town of Tursi
– Transfer to Policoro and visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Siritide and the Archaeological Park of ancient Siris.
Overnight at the waterfront of Policoro

7° giorno/A (The Pollino National Park)
– Transfer to SAN SEVERINO LUCANO , visit to the mother church, and departure for excursions in the heart of the Pollino National Park (Night stopover in Mezzana)

7° giorno/B (The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea)
– Transfer to MARATEA and visit the historical centre and to the extraordinary Tyrrhenian coast
(Stopover night Camping Maratea, Castrocucco locations 0973.871680)

* * * *

The Magna Greece and low Sinni (The Ionic coast and its hinterland)
Metaponto (CS) and Policoro (CS)
In the surroundings:
The lower Valley of Sinni: Valsinni (CS), Rotondella and Nova Siri
The Badlands: Craco, Aliano, Tursi and Anglona
Medium Brown: Senise, Chiaromonte, Francavilla and Caramola, Castelsaraceno, Latronico and monte Alpi, The Hot spas

Le Lucane Dolomites (The green heart of Basilicata)
Pietrapertosa, Castelmezzano, Calciano (CS), Accettura, Accettura Palace Resorts(CS), Oliveto, Tricarico, San Mauro Forte

La valle del Noce and Maratea (The Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea)
Trecchina, Rivello(S), Maratea (S)
In the surroundings:
Lagonegrese: Lagonegro, Lauria, Nemoli, Lake Sirino, Mount Sirino

The Pollino and the Valley of the Mercure (The first National Park in Basilicata)
Castelluccio Inferiore , Castelluccio Superiore, Roundabout, Viggianello, San Severino Lucano (S), Newfoundland Pollino (S)

The Park and the centers of alta Val d'agri (The second National Park of Basilicata)
Marsico Vetere, Marsico Nuovo, Moliterno, Sarconi (S), Thorny (S), Viggiano (S), Montemurro (S), Grumentum, Lake Pertusillo, Villa d'agri (CS)
In the surroundings:
Valley of Agri: Roccanova, Santarcangelo, (S), Santamaria of Orsoleo
The Valley saurina: Stigliano, Guardia Perticara (S), Corleto Perticara

And the Vulture Monticchio Lakes (The lands of Aglianico)
Atella (S), Rapolla (S), Melfi (S), Rionero (S), Avigliano (S), Venosa (S), Genzano (S), Palazzo San Gervasio (S), Acerenza (S), Banzi (S), Barrel (S), Castel Lagopesole (S)
In the surroundings:
The Marble Melandro Platano: Baragiano, Bella, Satriano di Lucania (CS), Brienza (S), Sasso di Castalda (CS), Sant'Angelo Le Fratte, Savoia di Lucania, Muro Lucano

Maratea, Trecchina, Lauria, Tramutola, Viggiano, Thorny, Aliano, Craco, Scanzano

Andria, Castel del Monte, Trani, Alberobello, Matera, Amalfi, Paestum