Jazzo Gattini (visitor center)


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Jazzo Gattini (visitor center)
Visitare Parco Murgia Materana
Masseria Radogna (visitor center)
The Neolithic village
San Falcione
San Vito
Our Lady of the Three Doors
Madonna della Croce
St. Nicholas Appia
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Jazzo Gattini, is an old sheepfold renovated nineteenth century, headquarters of the Park visitor center.
Located in area Murgia Timone, scenic area in front of the Sassi of Matera, very representative of the entire protected area.
Access to this area of the park is free.
For better organization, However, it is advisable to start from the visitor center and halls of presentation of the Park.
The hotel is open all year and entrance and 'free. And 'possible after the opening call to book outside of schedules.

The itinerary
Jazzo Kitten is the ideal starting point for the itinerary of visiting:
– The Neolithic village of Murgia Timone with the remains of residential structures, production and burial of people who between 7000 and 3700 years ago, lived Murgia. In the village area also insists tombs of bronze age and iron age.
– Farm structure Radogna rural middle 800 surrounded by beautiful stone walls and olive trees, almond trees. They also visited the quarry of limestone blocks in the farm house and a cave remains of the first pastoral settlement agro forestry;
– The Gravina of Matera in its spectacular panoramic stretch in front of the stones with numerous caves pastoral.
– Pecchiara (Apiary) with adjoining medieval Rupestrian Church of San Falcione, complex of the ninth century. with traces of frescoes, subsequently transformed into pastoral structure;
– Rock Church of our Lady of the three doors with frescoes painted over a period of time between the 13th and 16th centuries;
– Rock church of Madonna delle Croci wonderful Byzantine frescoes of the Madonna and Child with the archangels (XIII sec.)
– Harvesting systems cut in the rock

– Tourist information
– Teaching spaces
– Permanent exhibitions
Mediateca del territorio con sala proiezione
– Guided tours in Murgia Timone
– Ticket cave churches of Murgia Timone
– Bar
Degustazioni di prodotti tipici
– Selling books and crafts

Open all year

From November to March
9.30 – 16.30

From April to October
9.30 – 18.30;
By appointment outside opening hours


Jazzo Kitten / Farm Radogna (c.da MurgiaTimone)
Tel. 0835/332262
Cell. 388.8925407

A 5 minutes from Matera, is reached from the SS. 7 in direzione Taranto fino al km 583 and following the "CEA / Visitor Center"

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N 40.67221, And 16.62925
N 40°40’20”, E 16°37’45