The EPOS of the Basilicata region, for the development of education for sustainability

The CEA is accredited by the Ministry of Environment in ’ In nazionae network. F.E. at. (Information, Training and environmental education ); is recognized by the Basilicata region with the d.g.r 29 May 2002 n. 959 and d.g.r.. of 2 Agosto 2002 n. 492 published on BUR No. 60/2002 and is a node of R.EDU.S ( Regional system for education for Sustainability). The new program of the Basilicata region EPOS dedicated to environmental education and sustainability, represents an evolution and development of the actions already taken since 2001 under the national programme INFEA. EPOS has transposed and developed further the approach and metodologe developed in the context of REDUS, updating accreditation schemes and the nodes in the network to the new objectives set out by the region of Basilicata in environmental sustainability. It was a new articulation of REDUS that allowed the expansion of the network with the credit extended to new CEA and a collateral system deominato ” Friends of REDUS ” entities active in education for sustainability, incardinated on local and environmental associations, schools and local authorities.

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