Mario Tommaselli

(Photo Tommaselli Family Archive)

Mario Tommaselli was one of the main architects of the institution of the Murgia Materana Park Authority, as well as the Pollino National Park. Commendable was his commitment to the environmental cause and the activity spent on the enhancement of the regional territory and the city of Matera in particular.
Mario Tommaselli, in love with nature, of history, Of the territory, he has made numerous publications on rock churches, fortified farms and naturalistic itineraries and was awarded in 2009, by the Murgia Materana Park Authority, of the environment award. For his great attitude to address environmental issues looking to the future, Mario Tommaselli has distinguished himself as a modern environmentalist.

The CEA of Matera named after Mario Tommaselli
It is certainly thanks to his commitment, to its cultural sensitivity, to its historical sense, which has certainly grown, locally, attention to the environment problem. He devoted himself fervently to this cause, passion and enthusiasm, for many years, with the unmistakable style of a true naturalist at the service of the land he loved so much.
This ability to love nature has always tried to pass it on to the younger generations, educating them to respect the environment, to love for their territory and their traditions. Deep and essential values.
Just thinking about his enthusiasm in relating to young people, the Park Authority, in the heartfelt desire to dedicate to his work a sign of perennial testimony and gratitude, has decided to name the Environmental Education Center of Matera in his memory.
It is our intention to set up a space in the CEA dedicated to his numerous publications, precious works for scholars of the rocky landscape and for those who want to get closer to the knowledge of our territory.
Mario Tommaselli will remain a special guide for the local community. To all those who believe in the value of environmental culture, leaves an immense baggage of humanity, of valuable information, of stimuli.
The Murgia Materana Park Authority dedicates the day of 4 June – Transhumance Festival 2011 to the memory of Mario Tommaselli and his long and passionate work to enhance our culture.

The Pro Tempore President of the Murgia Materana Park Authority
Ing. Pierfrancesco Palomino

Biography of Mario Tommaselli
The 23 July of 1930. In 1940 he moved to Matera following his family. Returns to Rome in 1945 at the end of World War II where he completed his humanities and in 1949 he obtained his pilot's license and had his first work experience in the field of aerial photogrammetry.
In 1952 he returned to Matera and settled there permanently; he finds his work placement first in private companies and then at the ASI Consortium of Matera (1963-95).
In 1959 he is one of the founding members of the Circolo La Scaletta of Matera and in the following years he established the section of Italia Nostra Basilicata and subsequently of the WWF in Matera.
From the 1950s onwards he traveled and rediscovered the Matera area inch by inch from the end of the 1960s, he became passionate about the Pollino area and began to frequent it.
His collaborations with national magazines are countless, including Universe of the Italian Military Geographical Institute of Florence, The Mountain of the Turin Alpine Documentation Center.
He was a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment and the Basilicata Region for the Pollino Park; of the Basilicata Region for the Territorial Coordination Plan and for the Metapontino Landscape Plan; of the Municipalities of Matera and Montescaglioso for the Framework Plan of the Murgia Materana Park; for the Municipality of Policoro for the coastal tourism development project and for the Municipality of Matera for the Framework Plan of cultural systems in the Matera area.
Author of three documentaries: The rupestrian churches of Matera, LIGHT Institute Rome; The Pollino, WWF Rome; The Masserie
fortified of Materano, Videouno Matera.
He was responsible for Basilicata for the Italian wolf group and the Italian Parks Committee.

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