Murgia Park Movies 2010 program and synopsis

loc film festival

The screenings are held to Jazz Kitten headquarters of the Park visitor center Murgia Matera (Contrada Murgia Timone, Matera).

Location & Arrival
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Entrance and tasting € 7,00
Start tasting hours 21:00. Films start at 22:00.

The screenings will take place outside the natural amphitheater of Jazz Kitten.
We recommend appropriate clothing for the cool of the evening Murgia.


Tuesday 22 June SOUL KITCHEN
Original title: Soul Kitchen
Nation: Germany
Year: 2009
Gender: Comedy
Duration: 99′
Direction: Fatih Akin

Zino (Man Bousdoukos) is the owner of a Greek restaurant in Hamburg who is going through a period of considerable difficulty: his girlfriend, Nadine moved to Shanghai and its clients that the new chef took wrong way to genius, much that they decided to boycott the local mass. For Zinos so it will take a fight on two fronts: regain the confidence of customers and heart Nadine. Two tasks but did not go much in the same direction, putting it in front of complicated choices.
Fatih Akin, director impeccable, was given exercises in style that ensured the large jury awards without saziarlo of his passion. And so he decided to try a comedy too trivial, menu which provides aesthetic finesse and laughter fat (obviously), attention to detail and jokes, triple meaning and politically and ethnically incorrect slashes. Mouth-watering.


Monday 28 June June’ THE NORTH
Original title: Welcome to the Sticks
Nation: French
Year: 2008
Gender: Comedy
Duration: 106′
Direction: Boon
Social prejudices and racism “backwards” Dany Boon's comedy francesissima, actor and now director. Great success in France.
While leading a pleasant life in Salon de Provence, a small town in southern France, Julie has to deal with a creeping and constant depression. To please her, her husband Philippe, manager of a post office, is being done in every way in order to obtain a transfer to a more lively town on the coast, but is discovered by an inspector immediately transferred to the remote and unknown town of Bergues, nel “deep” Northern France. Forced to leave home, Philippe part with the spirit of a man condemned to death and the idea that his target is a dreadfully cold place, inhabited by peasants and unemployed drunk, who speak an incomprehensible dialect, it “Ch'ti” the original title, But once realized that his ideas were pure bias “The Southerner” and that Bergues is not at all synonymous with hell.
Down to North, with its twenty million viewers, is the most successful French film. Laughter: very beginning, then the play within the ranks and offers the usual array of sentimentality populate, of hospitality and solidarity of the humble, in contrast to the aridity of the "urban". The funniest thing, but, is that both protagonists, I ch'tis (interpreted by the director, Boon) and the French purist, are actually of Arab origin!

febbre a 90 gradi
Tuesday 6 July FEBBRE A 90°

Original title: Fever Pitch
Nation: Great Britain
Year: 1997
Gender: Comedy
Duration: 102′
Direction: David Evans
Paul (Firth), quiet literature teacher in a school, is torn between love for Arsenal and one for cold Sarah (Gemmell). His passion for the team in London (that in that year experienced a thrilling end of season) ultimately tarnish his relationship with women, Including Sarah.
Nick Hornby, author also “High infidelity”, is a remarkable writer, excited, with a bitter humor, very good in telling the emotional hardships and disasters of our time. Unfortunately, little of its tension, frustration and irony reaches the screen “Fever 90 º”, which seems a “homework” reborn in the line of British realism, correct, but television. Colin Firth, with its air of spinach, works. But the play's obsession devours.


Tuesday 13 July NOVE REGINE
Original title: Nine Queens
Nation: Argentina
Year: 2000
Gender: Dramatic
Duration: 115′
Direction: Fabian Bielinsky

Swindlers and big bucks.
Juan and Marcos are two small crooks who work in companies and are hired to make a shot from half a million dollars: their job is to sell a forged set of rare stamps of great value, “Nine queens”. The shady negotiations involving the Marcos' beautiful sister, their younger brother and a swarm of thieves, crooks and thieves.
The script (have any significant error) is built like Chinese boxes within which the audience and some people are not aware of everything and ignore what others might prepare to surprise and deceive the first seconds. Script, staging and interpretation have an insightful story makes use of every energy and resource, each roll. The plot is tense and unpredictable. The lies and games are those of a Latin American Mamet.


Original title: Kikujiro no natsu
Nation: Japan
Year: 1999
Gender: Comedy
Duration: 2h e 01

It's summertime and you're bored Masao. The child lives in Tokyo with her grandmother who works all day. His friends have left for the holidays and the soccer field where he played with his friends is desert. Through a friend of his grandmother, Masao meets Kikujiro, a fifty hard on who goes in search of the mother who does not know and who lives near the sea. Kikujiro has some flaws and is definitely not the right person to accompany Masao journey, but can not say no.
With an eye to “The Kid” Chaplin, reviewed through the modern tradition of road movie with children, Kitano combines his unique color sense with his flair for screwball comedy and melancholy that violence and loss of the Japanese soul that always creeps in his films. The tale, that basically is not good, but saddened by the image of a mother who has rebuilt a life “regular”, reconciles, at least, the possibility of solidarity between people who, apparently, should not have anything in common. Formally dazzling, is capable of visual marvels with the suggestions and lightning generated by the unconscious child and that, bizarre, an adult who lives across the threshold eccentricity.


Tuesday 27 July 500 GIORNI INSIEME
Original title: (500) Days of Summer
Nation: U.S..
Year: 2009
Gender: Comedy
Duration: 96′
Direction: Marc Webb

Tom produces business cards and a day, in his office, Summer knows. He immediately fell in love, she does not believe in true love but agrees to leave: you attend for five hundred days, Summer does not close until the ratio. Tom begins to evoke a whole series of episodes lived with her, to try to understand the reasons that have wrecked everything.
Narratively fragmented, with hints of musical style nouvellevague Demoiselles de Rochefort, 500 days together could become Boum indie rock. Nice, after an hour running a little empty, before resuming the final installment.


Original title: Queens
Nation: Spain
Year: 2005
Gender: Comedy
Duration: 107′
Direction: Manuel Gómez Pereira

Five mothers and one particular wedding.
Magda, Ofelia, Helena, Nuria Reyes and five mothers, tempered the pace of modern life, that, on the eve of the marriage of their children, are faced with a surprise. All five must come to terms with themselves to get to the joint ceremony that their offspring are going to celebrate…
It is a pleasant comedy, Almodovar inspired rather than to its usual cues (the sophisticated American comedy and melodrama), embellished with a cast that women alone than enough to enliven any script. But there are stereotypes (a father cop, other Communist worker: united by the overt masculinity).


Tuesday 10 August L’ANIMA GEMELLA
Original title: The soulmate
Nation: Italy
Year: 2002
Gender: Comedy
Duration: 96′
Direction: Sergio Rubini

A boy is disputed by two of her suitors.
In a small town in southern Italy, Tonino and Maddalena love of a pure and unconditional love. The beauty of Madeleine but arouses the envy of Teresa, his cousin, daughter of a powerful man got rich by trading in fish. She tried all means to steal Tonino Maddalena, using even the charms of an old witch country. Just the son of the latter, a barber fraudulent, able to disentangle, in spite, the dense web of intrigue woven by Teresa.
The films of Sergio Rubini reflects a unique feeling Southern. Towards the roots and landscapes, with the dialect and the light, to alterations of consciousness and imagination. This sentiment is complex and ever film and folklore surrounding this node cultural Rubies, with her film director, has a swinging motion. Approaches and moves away, side and back as happens to those who debuted with a film which is a program of departures and returns: _The Stazione_. Cinema Pugliese – as the Neapolitan, the Milanese, the Tuscan or Roman – there. Slang and environments shape a narrative approach. With this seventh director Rubies (it cuts out the role of a barber messy and irresistible) likes to make a play drunk and magic, imbued with eroticism and marked by rites of witchcraft home. An attractive proposal grotesque, rare in our cinema. The script has some problems and the two actresses, love the same man and victims of metamorphosis, are good and support the swirl of characters.