Visitare Parco Murgia Materana

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Jazzo Gattini (visitor center)
Visitare Parco Murgia Materana
Masseria Radogna (visitor center)
The Neolithic village
San Falcione
San Biagio
Our Lady of the Three Doors
Madonna della Croce
St. Nicholas Appia


The Jazz Kitten visitor center is the ideal starting point for tours of Murgia Timone, scenic area in front of the Sassi of Matera, very representative of the entire protected area. A series of rock settlements fall into the area that includes a spectacular stretch of the Gravina di Matera canyon. By Jazzo Kittens every day leave some guided tours that you can join being reserved by phone at 0835/332262 or write an email to and saving in this way costs. To have a ’ idea of beauty of the paths read Declaration of Love in Matera written by Antonio Moresco, Walker and writer.

Le chiese rupestri di Murgia Timone (St. Nicholas Appia, San Falcione, Sant’Agnese, San Biagio, Madonna of the three doors, Madonna of the crosses) sono al momento visitabili soltanto prenotando una visita con guida turistica/escursionistica autorizzata.

Belvedere trail (2h 15 my)
Rock gardens (2h 15 my)
Large ring on the Rocks (4.5h)
Parcomurgia BIKE