Belvedere trail (2h 15 min)

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Belvedere trail
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All the charm of the Park in a guided hike of medium duration along the panoramic trail more’ charming entire protected area. Winds in Gravina di Matera in his stretch in front of the Stones, through various churches and cave complex. Are easy’ The route is also recommended to those who have never practiced hiking, but’ need comfortable shoes for walking: unless of hiking shoes, at least one pair of sneakers.

After visiting the Center visits Jazzo Kittens, typical 19th-century fortified sheepfold and symbol of the age-old traditions of pastoral, you move around 500 meters with the shuttle bus or by car near San rock Falchion complex. Located in a small knife in gravina di Matera, the complex rupestre contains more than one of the most’ ancient Rupestrian churches of murgia, signs of an ancient pecchiara ’. So’ they were called apiaries to produce two very valuable materials especially in the past: honey and wax. Dopo la visita a San Falcione si segue il sentiero che entra e percorre sospeso lo straordinario canyon della gravina di Matera. And landscape’ only being able to see the background of the Sassi, the stretch where the ’ River “Gravina” Cross l ’ tributary Creek “Jesce” , villages and churches carved in the rock cave, the network of trails pastoral, the dry stone walls and terraces. Along the path we will discover the extraordinary richness of plant which enriches this strip of Park. Passing through numerous caves and shelters pastoral, Terraced gardens, giungeremo quindi alla chiesa rupestre della Madonna delle Tre Porte, enriched by wonderful frescoes. A ’ experience: try to believe!

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Duration: 2h 15 min

Difficulty’: Hiking simple

Starting Point: Jazzo Gattini

Points of interest: San Falcione, Gravina di Matera, Our Lady of the Three Doors

Tariffa per partenze con almeno 4 people: Euro 15,00 person (the fee includes: Park view video, guide service, ticket for access to rock churches, insurance, VAT)

Reduced rate for Euro Under18 7,00 Gratuità per gli Under6 Promotional fares for groups with more’ of 10 people

Info and reservations: 0835/332262 or 388/8925407 oppure

To complete the experience of visiting every day by reservation Cea offers the chance to taste some specialities and typical products rigorously sourced locally as provided directly from the nearby farms and livestock of the Matera hills (set menu from 10-15-20-25 Euro-based eggplant, Peppers, Grilled Zucchini, Sun-dried tomatoes, sausage, Maiatica Ferrandina olives salt, Doggy, Caciocavallo podolico, cialledda, chickling materane etc..)