From the Park to the Sassi


Only with the sunlight

Route length: Km 2,4
Duration: 1h 15 min.
Difficulty: Experienced hikers

From Jazzo Gattini visitor center take the road for the Belvedere of Murgia Timone. After about 600 meters, you will find on the left side a rural house called “Giardini belvedere”.
Turn on the right side going near the Gravina canyon, very close to the road.
Follow the path on the ravine edge, with a beautiful view of the Sassi of Matera.
After about 300 meters you will arrive near a basin.
Going down to the lower part of the basin, follow the path that continues to descend, and after a few bends it leads to a beautiful view of the SASSI and of the cathedral of Matera (which is not visible in the previous section of the small valley).
On the left you will see the path that continues horizontally without any climb.
The path has an exceptional panorama but having some narrow sections, it is not suitable for those suffering from vertigo.
After about 300 meters you will find a crossroads: take the path to the right for the bridge over the .
Continue the path to the Sassi (Piazza Porta Postergola)