A key objective of a Regional Park is, over the conservation and sustainable exploitation of places, their use for educational. The Archaeological Park, Natural Rock Churches of Matera, as evidenced by his own name, is characterized by a multitude of issues, whose direct knowledge, in a globalized world, can help younger generations to strengthen the sense of belonging to local communities, and get involved to contribute towards environmental sustainability manager.

Help establish the park as institutions engaged in cultural growth of the territory has been the focus of the Center for Environmental Education in Matera, which designed by Legambiente, since its inception under the experimental direct management of the Park of the Murgia Matera 2002 to the 2005 was oriented towards building a modern cultural enterprise project.

And just in March 2005 at the end of start-up financing, developed from the technical support of Development Italy Basilicata cultural enterprise Materacea Ltd.. 's outsourcing of service, in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Park Plan and the directions of the Municipality of Matera and the Basilicata region. The challenge to be with Materacea, mira a sviluppare l’esperienza maturata dalla compagine nel settore dell’educazione-ambientale per il mondo scolastico, affiancando servizi aggiuntivi per il turismo sostenibile. An important challenge to build a management model that is not only efficient and flexible but also economically sustainable in times of spending review.

From 29 April 2003 (giorno dell’inaugurazione) Materacea guarantees openness and ordinary management 365 giorni all’anno del Centro di Educazione Ambientale di Matera ed in particolare dal 2014 at no cost for the budget of the Murgia Materana Park Authority. Da ottobre 2020 le attività hanno avuto una contrazione essendo la sede di Jazzo Gattini interdetta a seguito di lavori di ristrutturazione straordinaria voluti dal Comune di Matera. Seppur in forma ridotta continua presso la Masseria Radogna lo svolgimento delle didactic and educational activities for schools , le visite guidate nel Parco della Murgia Materana, e la gestione dell’agricampeggio.

For materacea Doing business in a protected area has always meant looking for ways to combine the needs of creating work and income with the necessary attention to issues of general and public interest

1. Reference point for local schools for the design and experimentation of innovative didactic and educational paths focused on knowledge of the territory and environmental issues
2. Promoter of seasonal adjustment and independent tourism, through the opening with free access even in low season (365 days all year ’) of the park's visitor center.
3. Maintenance of green areas and buildings
4. Supporter of the figure of the local guide (whose groups were guaranteed free access to the rock churches of Murgia Timone)
5. Community event organizer (Feast of transhumance, Festival of Kites, Parcomurgiafilm)
6. Partner of the associative world for the promotion and organization of cultural events
7. Supporting subject of farms and livestock farms in the park through the promotion of their typical products at zero km.
8. Pilot project of doing cultural business in the park: transforming a cultural interest into work IS POSSIBLE, IT CAN BE DONE

Coordination and management visitor centre
Dr.. Paul Mountain

School sector
Say. Antonio Montemurro

Cultural events
Dr.. For. Saverio Tarasco

Administrative Secretary
Dr Rosanna Mazzoccoli

Dr. Giusy Schiuma, Dr. Joan Lascari, Dr. Milena Antonino

Registered office: via XX settembre 39, 75100 Matera
Recipient code: KRRH6B9
P.IVA 01115990770