A key objective of a Regional Park is, over the conservation and sustainable exploitation of places, their use for educational. The Archaeological Park, Natural Rock Churches of Matera, as evidenced by his own name, is characterized by a multitude of issues, whose direct knowledge, in a globalized world, can help younger generations to strengthen the sense of belonging to local communities, and get involved to contribute towards environmental sustainability manager.

Help establish the park as institutions engaged in cultural growth of the territory has been the focus of the Center for Environmental Education in Matera, since its inception under the experimental direct management of the Park of the Murgia Matera 2002 to the 2005 and oriented to building a business plan cultural.

And just in March 2005 at the end of start-up financing, developed from the technical support of Development Italy Basilicata cultural enterprise Materacea Ltd.. 's outsourcing of service, in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Park Plan and the directions of the Municipality of Matera and the Basilicata region. The challenge to be with Materacea, mira a sviluppare l’esperienza maturata dalla compagine nel settore dell’educazione-ambientale per il mondo scolastico, affiancando servizi aggiuntivi per il turismo sostenibile. A major challenge to build an efficient management model and also economically viable at a time of spending review.

By January 2014 Materacea garantisce apertura e gestione ordinaria 365 giorni all’anno del Centro di Educazione Ambientale di Matera a costo zero per il bilancio dell’Ente Parco della Murgia Materana.

materacea è

Coordination and management visitor centre
Dr.. Paul Mountain

School sector
Say. Antonio Montemurro

Eventi culturali
Dr.. For. Saverio Tarasco

Administrative Secretary
Dr Rosanna Mazzoccoli

Registered office: Piazza Michele Bianco n. 36, 75100 Matera
Codice destinatario: W7YVJK9
P.IVA 01115990770