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Questi i prodotti disponibili presso il punto vendita. Essendo produzioni artigianali di qualità, provided directly from farms and livestock and the murgia Matera hills, in case of interest is advisable to check availability call us or e-mail.
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TYPICAL PRODUCTS typical products


BAKERY PRODUCTS bakery products
Taralli with fennel Traditional biscuits with fennel seeds (gr.300) €4,50
Long durum wheat cutters Traditional dried bread (gr.450) €3,50

CONSERVE ORTAGGI IN OLIO EVO canned vegetables in extra virgin olive oil
Dried Tomatoes Sundried tomatoes (gr.195) €6,00
Eggplant Aubergines sliced (gr.270) €6,50
Turnip greens Turnip greens (gr.180) €6,50
Wild onions Wild onions (gr.220) €7,00
Peppers stuffed with zucchini and capers Stuffed pepper (gr.250) €8,50
Rolls of zucchini and dried tomatoes Rolled zucchini (gr.275) €8,50
Artichokes Artichoke (gr.280) €7,50

VEGETABLE CREAMS vegetable creams
Mediterranean pesto Mediterranean pesto (gr.180) €6,50
Wild onions Wild onions (gr.180) €6,50
Artichokes Artichoke (gr.180) €6,50
Garlic Garlic (ml.195) €4,50
Senise Peppers Senise peppers (ml.195) €4,50

JAMS jams
Figs and almonds Figs and almonds (gr.250) €6,00
Raspberries (gr.240) Raspberries €6,00
Quince (gr.240) Quince €6,00

DRIED VEGETABLES dried vegetables
Dried peppers Dried peppers (gr.100) €7,50
AGRIPEPPERS bran peppers Dried fried peppers (gr.100) €12,00
AGRIPEPPERS bran peppers Dried fried peppers (gr.20) €4,50

ARTISAN DURUM WHEAT PASTA artisan durum wheat pasta
Ferricelli Traditional durum wheat pasta (gr.500) €3,00
Burnt wheat orecchiette Traditional pasta with burnt wheat (gr.500) €3,50
Materane leaves Traditional durum wheat pasta with spinach (gr.500) €3,50

DRIED LEGUMES dried legumes
Crapiata Legumes mix with beans, chickpeas, lentils, broad beans (gr.500) €4,00
Cicerchie (gr.500) €4,00
Black chickpeas Black chickpeas (gr.500) €4,00
Shelled broad beans Broad beans (gr.500) €4,00

Cow caciocavallo Cow cheese (gr.100) €1,80
Pecorino cheese (gr.100) €1,80

DRIED FRUITS dried fruits
Almonds from Masseria Radogna Masseria Radogna almonds (gr.200) €2,50

Millefiori from the Murgia of Matera Thousand flowers honey (gr.400) €6,00
Timo della murgia materana Thyme flowers honey (gr.400) €6,00

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL High quality olive oil
Tin can Can (5s) €60,00
Little bottle Bottle (250 ml) €6,50

WINE wine
Aglianico Vignali €8.00
Aglianico The Word € 13.00
Aglianico Gesualdo €16.00
Dry Muscat €8,50
Malvasia Il Verbo €11,00
Terre di Orazio Rosé €8.50
Rosato Cantine € 7.50

SPIRITS liqueurs
Walnut cream (50cl.) €16,00
Amaro Lucano (1l.) €16,00
Amaro Lucano Anniversary (75 cl.) €16,00
Carrubo, Prugnolo (50cl.) €15,00
Honey brandy (50cl.) €18,00