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These products are available and served at the point of sale and tasting of Jazzo Kittens visits Centre. Essendo produzioni artigianali di qualità, provided directly from farms and livestock and the murgia Matera hills, in case of interest is advisable to check availability call us or e-mail.
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listino-prodotti tipici agosto 2019


Honey thyme
For the ancient Greeks was the best honey mondo.Di hazel, and’ a powerful antiseptic General, be used against all infectious diseases both pulmonary and urinary tract or intestinal.
Hazel, and’ a powerful antiseptic General, be used against all infectious diseases both pulmonary and urinary tract or intestinal.
Stimulant against fatigue. Recommended for coughs.
Murgian pecorino
The scents of the pastures of the Murgia ranges in a renowned cheese that alone is worth a trip to Matera, produced by a small company that has worked for generations with dedication and simplicity.
The caciocavallo cheese
The cows are grazed on wild Murgia, il drift caciocavallo Podolia, noble cheese to eat only table, usually at the end of meals. An advanced degree of maturation (even five, six years) gives a bunch of organoleptic: complex scents, pasture and scrub and a unique lingering taste. (Euro 18,00 per kg)
Podolica Butter
Cheese made of spun paste that contains within it a pure butter, the Manteca can’ be considered a variant of caciocavallo cheese.
Its name derives from Spanish mantequilla, which indicates butter, and its origins are uncertain and are lost in history: is likely that in ancient, when there was no refrigerators, was the only way to keep butter in the hot season.
Cacioricotta goat
It comes in forms of 13-24 cm in diameter and 4-7 cm in height with a surface increspata.La processing is done from raw milk goat, with a technique which is exactly halfway between the production of cheese and the cheese. The milk is collected, hours before processing, milking by hand from individuals not housed, but grazed and entire production cycle is done by manual.
The peppers cruschi
Cuisine Lucan, peppers are long and thin flesh colored green and red, dried in the sun for more 'than a month, ready to be fried in oil oliva.Fra the main store for the winter, peppers in September are bound together with cotton thread often forming large necklaces to hang outdoors.
Dried Tomatoes
Washed tomatoes, cut into two parts vertically and sunny day covering them with gauze to prevent insect harassment, as long as they are completely dehydrated. Are conserved in glass jars such as bay leaves and basil, or you bring in oil flavored pleasure.
Olives Baked Ferrandina
Olive Large, pulpy and black gathered full maturity that are dried for a week on the wooden shelves. They are then blanched in boiling water for a few minutes, with the aim of deamarificare olives, then be drained, salted and seasoned with oregano and fennel. After several days of curing at moderate temperatures are wilted after two successive firings in dryers with time have replaced the traditional wood stoves. A table will go wonderfully well with meats, the pecorino cheese. In any case, even good by themselves, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, fresh chopped garlic and grated orange and lemon peel.
Extra virgin olive Maiatico Ferrandina
And’ cultivar of native olive, present only in some small towns of Basilicata (Ferrandina, Missanello, Salandra and a few others) And’ cultivar of olives that are not rooted out of this area and certainly does not give the same results. The drupes can be transformed with a local ancient and natural process with boiling water, salt and then bake. This gives a slightly bitter taste typical and characteristic.
Matera DOC wines
The wine of Matera finally got the recognition they long for it to: In fact the wines produced in Matera and in the field have recently captured (July 2005) Denomination of Origin (DOC), representing Matera in the world. The youngest wine Doc Lucan, the "Matera DOC" named after the city of the Sassi. There are six types of wine produced Matera DOC, three red and three white, in a sparkling: “Matera Rosso”, “Matera Primitivo”, “Matera Moro”, “Matera Greco”, “Matera Bianco”, “Matera Spumante”. 'S latest follows a natural fermentation in the bottle, a method unique in Southern Italy. The vineyards are at a maximum of 700 asl. and extending for about 1500 hectares of the province of Matera.
Other products…
Dried vegetables (ceci, Black chickpeas, cicerchie, cannellini beans, lentils, broad beans, shelled broad beans)
Crapiata (mixture of chickpeas, wheat, cicerchie, cannellini beans, lentils, broad beans, shelled broad beans)
Honey (timo, eucalyptus, millefiori, Orange, honeydew, ciliegio)
Preserves in extra virgin olive oil (Eggplant, Red eggplants, Peppers, grape hyacinth, artichokes, Sun-dried tomatoes, sponsali, cardoncelli mushrooms, the so called diavolicchi, Zucchini rolls, Peppers roulade)
Vegetable creams (cardoncelli mushrooms, Sun-dried tomatoes, Turnip tops, Mediterranean pesto, Chili, white onion, grape hyacinth, artichokes, Chili, rosate olives)
Confetture (Fig and almond, Black Cherry, Quince, Chili)
Baked goods (tarallini with fennel seed, delete with fennel seed, friselle long, all friselline ’ ’ olive oil, friselline all ’ oregano, calzoncelli amarena)
Durum wheat pasta (orecchiette, capunti, Farouk, orecchiette and capunti wheat burned, Matera spinach leaves)

Regional products
Pecorino canestrato di Stigliano
Pork sausage and soppressata di Picerno
Garlic mousse, Capers, champignonon mushrooms
Stuffed figs (almond-lemon-fennel and walnuts-chocolate), Cotto di fichi, Caramelized figs
Wine (Aglianico Lands d Orazio ’ – Cantina di Venosa, Aglianico Summary – Paternoster Cellars, Aglianico – Martino Cellars)

Other products Murgia region
Amari (Nocino Padre Peppe – F.lli Striccoli di Altamura, Amaro del Colle – Cellar Bitetti Santeramo in Colle)