Summer in the parks – Diary of 29 July

The first appointment by the Ceas Matera "Mario Tommaselli, in ’ the regional calendar “E..You are in parks and protected areas 2014”, had great success, Thanks to the beautiful summer day in which was organized. The group that came to form, Thanks to the different sources from which the information came, was very diverse both in terms of the age of the participants (Come on 4 to 70 years or so) both for the different geographical origin both national and international. Among them is a lot of collaboration both in manual tasks (as in the "laboratory of ferula") that discovery path "of photos in photo": all afternoon it was a pleasant and constructive exchange between all until the epilogue with a tasting plate of "orecchiette at Matera and pleasant vision film" matter of time ", under the starry sky of Jazzo Kittens . On this summer day, the participation of visitors from other regions and even non-Italian, encouraged the deepening of many archaeological aspects, historians, and geological nature of Parco della Murgia materana through a "game" with map and stickers. The widespread presence of Ferula ("Ferula communis"), that characterizes the landscape of Murgia Timone and marks the passing of the seasons with its transformations, Besides the value that this plant has always had in popular culture Matera, has inspired the creation of this laboratory. For over ten years it meets, through the manual activity, many fundamental issues for our Ceas: the adaptability of plants to the natural environment and the value of biodiversity, the proper management of the resources of the territory in the course of history and the future, recovery of traditions and knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. The activities were organized and conducted by Antonio Mamman, responsible for the teaching of Ceas Matera, coordinates and prepares these and other laboratories at Masseria Radogna Jazzo Kittens and especially for school groups.

The next appointment, scheduled for 10 August, always starting from Jazzo Kittens will allow other visitors to know even the Park through the Path "of photos in photo" but also to discuss and learn the ancient art of fresco of the Workshop "fresco Me I". On that occasion,, notte di San Lorenzo, the evening will conclude with the observation of the celestial sphere in a magical atmosphere and full of hope and wishes. The exploration of the sky walk between science and myth is designed for adults and for children and will be led by national group of sky movement Pedagogy of Educational Cooperation.