In the fourth edition of Parcomurgiafilm


Opens for business edition 2010 of Parcomurgiafilm, Matera summer fixture that combines quality cinema’ to rediscover the flavors of traditional cuisine and Luke visits the archaeological heritage of natural historical park.

The exhibition "The taste of cinema without borders", is sponsored by the Park of the Murgia of Matera Matera and the City and organized by the Environmental Education Center of Matera, is sponsored by the Friends of the Park, of Cinergi Association of Film Culture and Emergency.

This program of the fourth edition of the film turns summer for eight weeks, the natural arena of Jazz Kitten in a unique outdoor cinema:

Tuesday 22 Giugno Soul Kitchen (Germany 2009) di Fatih Akin
Not only food in the restaurant Zinos, but music, unfortunate relatives and lots of laughter
Monday 28 Giugno Down to North (Francia2007) di Dany Boon
Geographical prejudices overturned a humorous and intelligent comedy
Tuesday 6 Luglio Fever 90 ° (England 1997 di David Evans)
Nothing is easy if you love a woman, but you married 11 men
Tuesday 13 Luglio Nine Queens (Argentina 2003) di Fabian Bielinsky:
The chance of a lifetime for 2 cheats, in Buenos Aires where nothing is as it seems
Tuesday 20 Luglio The Summer of Kikujiro (Japan 1999) Takeshi Kitano
A trip across Japan in the eyes of a child and a Yakuza minor
Tuesday 27 Luglio 500 Days together (USA 2009) di Marc Webb
Not a love story, but love. Funny, tender and full of contradictions
Tuesday 03 Agosto Queens, The marriage was missing (Spain 2005) di Manuel Gomez Pereira
Three gay couples preparing for marriage between last-minute doubts and intrusive mothers
Tuesday 10 Agosto The soulmate (Italy 2002) Sergio Rubini
Comedy of misunderstandings, Mediterranean flavors and popular beliefs.

Ore 21.00 Tasting Hours 22.00 Film screening
Ticket: proiezione euro 4,00 degustazione euro 3,00

Per la prima volta viene dedicata una serata di anteprima venerdì 18 June, with the screening of the film- Emergency documentary "Tomorrow I go home" , presented in 2008 the 65th Venice Film Festival and filmed in Afghanistan and Sudan.
The choice of anticipating the debut of the event compared to the classic Tuesday night is a tribute to Emergency, not only for his humanitarian work, but the strong symbolic meaning of its presence in conflict areas of the planet, as a subject capable of generating in the midst of bloody conflict and often inhumane, life expectancy and meetings between people from different cultures and full of humanity.
Experience of Emergency, narrated by the pictures of the documentary filmmakers Paul and Fabrizio Lazzaretti Santolini, is proposed as evidence of values in the entire exhibition is inspired: travel, the discovery of, the embrace between people, solidarity, overcoming the conflict through peaceful global coexistence between human realities details.
Many thanks as always goes to the sponsors of the initiative, senza il cui supporto il parcomurgiafilm non potrebbe esistere:
Adecom, Caliaitalia, Egghia, Eliocopi , Dental laboratory Lucan F.lli Cicchetti, Library arc, Libreria Mondadori, Logallo electrical supplies, Osteria al Lesser Kestrel, S&P Ristorazioni, Tobacco Loparco, Tecnostampa.

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