11/6 Meeting with Emanuele Biggi for ARUPA

Arupa meetings
Thursday 11 June, at the Cent visits the Parco della Murgia Matera, in Location Tiles in Montescaglioso, an information meeting will be held of the LIFE project "ARUPA: Urgent actions for the protection of amphibians and reptiles of gravina di Matera”.
The meeting is organized to publicize the center of amphibians and reptiles breeding achieved through the project "ARUPA", and to raise awareness to safeguard threatened species present in the territory of the Park.
The meeting will participate the conductor GEO&Geo Emanuele Biggi, already for some years the Park's consultant for the implementation of the "Center of amphibians and reptiles breeding" site at the visitor center of flat tiles.

hours 16:30 Saluti:
Francesco De Giacomo President of the province of Matera
Pierfrancesco Palomino Presidente del Parco della Murgia Materana
The LIFE Project "ARUPA" Enrico De Capua (Director of the parco della Murgia Matera)
Results of the LIFE project "ARUPA" Vito S K (Naturalist)
hours 17:30: Visit the breeding centre
hours 18:30: Approfondimento su anfibi e rettili del Parco della Murgia Materana Emanuele Biggi (Herpetologist)