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Experience Matera is a Cultural Route devised by CEA Matera, in collaboration with Friends of the Parco della Murgia Matera and CEA of Montescaglioso, under the auspices of Ente Parco della Murgia Materana, Chamber of Commerce and the city of Matera.
Venue: Centro polifunzionale Eyra Club near Porta Gun;

venerdì 27 May 2011 hours 9.30, from the Tourist Point located in the former monastery of SS. Lucia and Agatha at Civita in Pistol;

Hours of operation:
Morning: from Monday to Sunday, 10.00 – 13.30
Afternoon from 15.30 all 19.00
lunedì, Thursday and Friday 17.00 – 20.00

Cost of Ticket:
3,50 €, concessions and discounts for groups and children under 6 years.

Because Experience Matera?
Experience Matera is a cultural workshop that was born from the desire to offer an attractive city, clear and effective, allow visitors to experience Matera so aware. Cutting, in fact, It is mainly informative and educational-educational.

How Experience Matera?
CEA Matera collaboration with a network of institutions, private entities and individuals, lovers of the territory, who have provided their expertise and professionalism to an ever-evolving cultural project.

As you develop Experience Matera?
The course is structured to be an autonomous experience; the visitor will have the opportunity to create freely their own path according to the times, interests and sensitivities of each.
1)A key on the:
3D reconstruction of evolutionary stages that led from caves scattered complexity of neighborhoods;
historical reconstruction, through innovative graphical techniques, the city in the middle ages;
2)The tuffeau: essential element in the evolutionary process of the city;
What is it?
As it is formed? Cognitive and sensory experience.
As you work? Hands of the craftsman.
As deteriorates?
3)Wastewater collection: as visible as a primary requirement has stimulated human ingenuity;
The water collection systems: video presentation.
Il coccio pesto: Educational laboratory activities.
The model of roof tank.
4)The rock phenomenon: synthesis of visceral relationship between man and nature.
Presentazione video del fenomeno a Matera, in Basilicata and worldwide.
La tecnica dell’affresco: educational video laboratory
Virtual journey in Rupestrian churches.
Related to the themes of the exhibition it is possible to book itineraries in town and in the Park.

Visit the site of the ’ event