Parcomurgiafestival events 2011

Also for the 2011 the environmental education centre of Matera will enrich many appointments with the Parcomurgiafestival, annual calendar of cultural events and promotions in the Parco della Murgia Materana.

These, only some appointments:
– from April to September each morning a inisita tourist tour of the Park, and the afternoon a’mountain hiking at sunset;
il 27 March, il 17 April and the 14 May, Spring photo tours discovering biodiversity botaniche and wildlife;
il 15 may the ’ cycling route and food Agribike;
il 29 wildlife observations with may Bird walks;
il 4 June festa della transumanza to celebrate the imminent departure to ’ mountain podolican steers cow;
– from mid-June to late August big nights from Parcomurgiafilm with cinema, music, tastings and visits at night;
il 2 October l ’ wait festa degli aquiloni;
il 20 November the olive harvest, i.e. How do l ’ oil in Hill materana

But this and’ only a ’ preview of what will be the definitive calendar of events 2011 that will be published in the coming weeks…