Gambetta and Loschiavo for AGROBIOMURGIA

AGROBIOMURGIA Project: book presentation Gambetta – Loschiavo Within the project “Agrobiomurgia” funded with PSR Measure 214 AZ. 5, the Parco della Murgia Materana arranges for the day venerdì 26 June 2015 hours 18:00, the first meeting of the disclosure project, at the Park's visitor center “Mario Tommaselli” site in the village of Murgia Timone in Matera.

During the meeting, will be presented the book: The plants of the fathers between memory and oblivion. Journey into the world of Ethnobotanical plants popular tradition Matera. The territory reported from plants, by Joseph Gambetta and Ciccio Loschiavo.

• Authorities Greetings
The Agrobiomurgia project: Vito S K
The plants of the fathers between memory and oblivion: Prof. Piero Medals
Authors intervention Peppino Gambetta and Ciccio Loschiavo