Capable of a future project

Nowadays the younger generations have little capacity and skills to design their future in the light of personal inclinations and interests.
Job prospects increasingly scarce and often tend to look too far without considering the land and its resources as opportunities to invest in.
The proposed combined school and workplace "Able to Future", lasting 110 hours, was promoted from High School D. Alighieri” di Matera in collaborazione con il Centro di Educazione Ambientale del Parco della Murgia per far conoscere il contesto locale e le sue ricchezze.
Ten students from classes IV to that institution chose to join the project to combat misinformation and ignorance that lies on what surrounds them.
Since the beginning of February was held:
– a series of meetings focused on the theoretical capacity to know and project starts from the personal aspirations at the Liceo Scientifico (30 hours);
– The training at the CEA (80 hours).
Pivotal point of the first phase, also, was the collection of information about European projects for study and training abroad (Erasmus, Socrates, Leonardo) the logic of mobility for learning.
Altresì essenziali sono stati gli incontri con gli esperti della Camera di Commercio e del Centro per l’Impiego di Matera per discutere su temi quali la sicurezza sul lavoro e la tutela professionale garantita dallo Stato.
Integral part of the practical phase were hiking in the Murgia, Guided by the operators of CEA that provided the basis for planning activities from the territory.
Alongside Dr Stefania PERSIA, students have worked on a proposal to nominate, the next school year, Ban the MIUR on science. Their efforts, however, si sono concentrati sulla realizzazione di un evento, scheduled for 16 May ca. in the area of Murgia Timone. Si tratta di un gioco di ruolotrasposizione di un gioco virtuale in un contesto realerivolto a 300 students from three middle schools in Matera. L’attività, set in the Middle Ages, see the challenge of the Normans and Lombards for the management of natural resources. Starting from a proposal, already partly structured by trainees dell'Ageforma of Matera in the month of January, children have developed: phases of the game, the chrono-program, i ruoli e le strategie di coinvolgimento, communication event. And it is precisely in this area that are designed brochure, slogans and the script of a comic book created by graphic designer and cartoonist Pine Oil.
The 16 May, Pupils of High School, novice educators promoted, teachers will join experts from the associations in the games.
Durante lo svolgimento dello stage presso il CEA importante è stata collaborazione di molte associazioni del territorio con gli studenti. These, end path, entered fully into the network "and move to promote", evolvendosi da utenti di un piccolo progetto scolastico a parte attiva che interagisce con altri soggetti e coordina le attività di un progetto più grande denominato “Tutti i Chicchi del Melograno”, aimed at combating addictions through clean fun.
Tirando le somme ciò che si terrà presso il CEA il 16 May 2010 is the result of an activity that has provided the tools to look and think about the Territory as an opportunity, a resource for the future.
Special thanks to Stefania, Nicola, Xavier, Ivan, Gianluca and John and professors and the Dean Moliterni Scandiffio and that allowed us to enjoy this wonderful and forging activities.

The guys of High School “D. Alighieri” Matera