Archaeological excavations in San Falchion

The Scuola di Specializzazione di Archeologia di Matera from Prof.ssa Francesca Sogliani began the excavation within the stratigraphic ancient San rock complex Falchion.

The study particularly concerns some underground structures and obliterate, presumably of tanks which could lead to the useful materials for the reconstruction of the history of the site, originally established as well as a cave Church is also one of the many pecchiare (apiaries) spread on the Murgia.

The work is part of the Galileo project which sees working Ateneo lucano with the University of Rennes2.

It is evidently this first important step and strategy that could, indeed should, Open the door to a wide-ranging program designed to bring the archaeological research in the Park of the Murgia Matera, dotted with archaeological emergencies, through the international academic world.

At last, a first small step in a great dream that might happen!

For this, a sincere thanks to Professor Sogliani.

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