ZTL and bus lines to the Kite Festival

Sunday 19 October 2014 in occasione della Festa degli Aquiloni, sArea of Murgia Timone will be closed to traffic, It can be accessed ONLY with the URBAN BUS MAKKAR Spa (After purchase of the appropriate ticket ’)

Buses will leave from 9,00 all 18,00 (with the lunch break 14:00 all 15:00).

The stops

Buses make the following stops in return ticket:

• Piazza MatteottiNot Recommended (Rischio di code per biglietti acquistabili solo su bus)
• Villa Longo station Mobile ticketing to Earth
New Cemetery (C. da Pantano)Mobile ticketing to Earth (Ample Free Parking)
• Jazzo Kittens
• Piazzale Belvedere

Map of stops leaving:


Buy tickets on board the ’ bus or at the ticket office furniture of Villa Longo and New Cemetery at a cost of € 1,50 per passenger are only valid for one is (for the return will be bought a second ticket that recommend buying before, to avoid the crush at the back) – N.B. Children of less than one metre height travel free!

N.B. For problems related to privacy and sensitive data of expectant mothers, PREGNANT WOMEN CANNOT ACCESS BY CAR TO THE MURGIA TIMONE, as previously stated.
The journalists enrolled at ’ register, may require credit and pass, by contacting the Organization at ’ ’ e-mail aquiloni2014[chioc-cio-the]

Tips for better transport management:

  • Avoid the hours of greatest affluence to reach the Park (from Matera from 10:30 all 12:00; for Matera and 12:30 all 14:00), especially for those who have small children and is fitted with strollers. In return, the afternoon, avoid the last bus to Matera (of hours 18:00).
  • Avoid the Piazza Matteotti, preferring to Villa Longo and the New Cemetery, where will set up two mobile ticketing to reduce waits at ticket purchase on board.
  • For those who arrive from outside Matera or moves by car, It is strongly recommended that you use the New Cemetery, where, beyond the box office, There will be a ample free parking.