Tupa RujaEtnoculturèe festival

  • Visitor Center Jazz Gattini 10 07 2010 - 21:30:00 | 01:00:00
    From 'meeting Martina Lupi and Fabio Gagliardi was born the choice of creating a new musical style: voice and didjeridu. A duet with unusual sounds and sophisticated at the same time essential that evoke ancestral feelings; new sounds, but as the roots of our ancient ancestors. Their choice of music does not relate to abandon their origins: Tupa Ruja the fact unites sound and rhythm of the didjeridu, tunes and new texts in Italian, making it the only group to propose and carry out this project. The aspect that characterizes them is their continuing artistic; in fact, Fabio Gagliardi while playing the didjeridu, often using his own unique techniques and other ethnic instruments such as harp, harmonic flutes, various percussion and harmonic singing, Martina Lupi compose evocative melodies that accompany texts from her writings and enrich entertainment with oriental dancing and fireworks. "Who has the chance to communicate their passion through art, whatever it is, it must always transmitting with sincerity in what he, no telling what the rest of the world wants to hear, but telling exactly what they are saying "..

    Fabio Gagliardi (didjeridoo)
    Martina Lupi (voce danza fire’s games)

    Ingresso € 7,00 test


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