FAQ ( Domande frequenti )

What to visit in Parco della Murgia Materana?
Walking along the many scenic trails that crisscross the Gravina, the canyon that characterizes the ’ protected area, You can visit the Rupestrian churches, caves, Liquids, jazzi, Manor farms. A ’ experience that we promise will be unforgettable, also thanks to an unexpected richness of flora and ’ wildlife. In particular from the area of Murgia Timone, dove ha sede il CEA c’è inoltre la vista panoramica più bella da cui ammirare i Sassi di Matera.

Establishment of ZTL
In the holidays of Easter and bridges, 25 April, Primo Maggio e 2 giugno dalle ore 9 at 19 You cannot drive to the Lookout area of Murgia Timone. Shall be set up a bus line that liaises Matera-’ every half an hour Park starting from Piazza Matteotti, the station's parking lot and the new cemetery Villalongo FAL in contrada Pantano.

C ’ d ’ is a ticket to the park entrance?
The Park is free and free access. Ma le chiese rupestri di Murgia Timone sono visitabili internamente solo partecipando alle visite guidate in programma.
Per chi non ha la possibilità di prenotare una delle visite guidate, le chese rupestri di Sant’Agnese, Madonna delle tre porte e Madonna delle croci sono visibili attraverso le grate di protezione. Inoltre il centro visite di Jazzo Gattini fornisce una mappa dell’area e la possibilità di visionare il video didattico IL PARCO RITROVATO della durata di 20 minutes.

What is ’ and what does the CEA?
CEA is the ’ acronym for Environmental Education Center. Is a cultural business ’ provides integrated services for the sustainable use of the Park of the Murgia Matera.

What are the days and times of opening of the CEA?
At the Jazzo Kittens is an active visitor center is open every day of the year ’, Sundays and holidays included, at the following times:
From November to March: 9.30 – 16.30
From April to October: 9.30 – 18.30

On reservation is scheduled the opening also fuori orario ’

What are the services of the CEA?
At the rural structures Jazzo kittens and Masseria Radogna: information point on the Park of the Murgia Matera, environmental education, guided tours, cultural events, bar, book-shop, refreshment, point of sale products, equipped area camper/caravan/tent.
Tra i servizi consigliati ai visitatori la visione del video didattico IL PARCO RITROVATO della durata di 20 minuti strutturato nei seguenti capitoli:
1. Il Parco ritrovato
2. Dalla geologia il segreto di Matera
3. Chi sono stati i primi abitanti della zona?
4. Che cos’è l’habitat rupestre?
5. Perchè tante chiese rupestri?
6. Il futuro nel Parco

What is the easiest way’ complete and nice to discover the Park?
Attend a ’ route in the company of the guides of the Park is without ’ other way better and complete.
The choice of the most beautiful routes, visit internally the Rupestrian churches, a complete narrative and interpretation of sites, turn a simple visit to a real experience.

What are the guided tours that depart from Jazzo Kittens?
> TOURIST VISIT duration 1:0 15 my, euro ticket 10 (during 18 Euro 5,00, during 6 free)
> BELVEDERE TRAIL duration 2:0 15 my, euro ticket 15 (during 18 Euro 7,00, during 6 free)
> TRAIL CROSSES duration 2:0 15 my, euro ticket 15 (during 18 Euro 7,00, during 6 free)
> GREAT TREKKING duration 4:0 15 my, euro ticket 25 (during 18 Euro 13,00, during 6 free)
> FROM the SASSI to the duration 4:0 , euro ticket 40 (during 18 Euro 20,00, during 6 free)
> LARGE RING OF STONES duration 6:0 , euro ticket 50 (during 25 Euro 13,00, during 6 free)
> the MATERA-MONTESCAGLIOSO duration 8:0 , euro ticket 75 (during 18 Euro 35,00, during 6 free)

And’ possible to book the shuttle bus for the transfer from Matera Centre Jazzo Kittens

Guided tours also take place in foreign language?
You. In English, French, Spanish, German and….. materano!

Reservation is obligatory?
And’ always recommended book to 0835/332262

There are specific programmes for schools?
Obviously you. You can delve into the theme of OUTDOOR LOCATIONS , submitted by EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS and ’ EDUCATION trips

Is there any way to taste the typical products of the Park?
At the refreshment of Jazzo Kittens you can taste typical products selected from the best farms and livestock Hill Matera. Some examples? The caciocavallo cheese, the murgian pecorino, the cacioricotta di capra, the thyme honey, olive bake, the grape hyacinth, dried tomatoes, the creamed onions, the crispy peppers, the almond strazzate, primitive materadoc wine……….

There are services for motorhomes and campers?
You. At the Masseria is a splendid Radogna equipped area with all services for camper/caravan/tent. An oasis of peace and quiet, ideal stopover point for those who want to explore the Park. But the ’ area is also close to the Rocks to reach directly through a path, or maybe more comfortably with our shuttle bus.

From Matera City Centre, come si raggiunge il belvedere di Murgia Timone e quindi il CEA?
DRIVE: We must get away from Matera and follow directions to Taranto/Laterza. At km 583 the SS7 c ’ is right our crossroads reported as “Equipped Area camper” and “Visitor Center/Center for environmental education”.
Attention our fork isn't what leads to the Church of Madonna delle Vergini, but the next one.
WALK FROM MATERA (sentiero attualmente chiuso per motivi di sicurezza) : along the hiking trail 406 that descending from the Spanish pistol holder(Neighborhood Rocks) , exceeds the Gravina stream through a beautiful floating walkway and climb the slope that leads to the viewpoint of Murgia Timone. Then follow for Kittens to Jazzo km 1,5 to the left the scenic route of Murgia Timone
IN AUTOBUS URBANO: Da Piazza Matteotti tutte le domeniche da aprile ad ottobre, in partenza ogni mezzora dalle 10 all 19
IN SHUTTLE BUS: is only available if you book tours and part 15 minutes before.

Da fuori Matera come si raggiunge il belvedere di Murgia Timone e il CEA?
FROM TARANTO/LATERZA: on the S.S. 7 km 583 crossing to the left signposted “Equipped Area camper” and “Visitor Center”
FROM BARI ALTAMURA: by SS. 99 near Matera follow directions to Taranto. Proseguendo sulla S.S.7 al km 583 crossroads turn right signposted “Equipped Area camper” and “Visitor Center”
BY POWER: from the S.S. 7 near Matera follow directions to Taranto. Continuing until miles 583 (crossroads turn right signposted “Equipped Area camper” and “Visitor Center”)
DA METAPONTO: from the S.S. 7 near Matera follow directions to Taranto. Continuing until miles 583 (crossroads turn right signposted “Equipped Area camper” and “Visitor Center”)

The CEA as as you reach the Sassi di Matera?
WALK: along a path, only during daylight hours. It is a beautiful hiking trail, However not suitable for those with Vertigo problems
DRIVE: in five minutes, following the indications for Matera. Please leave the ’ car in one of the many municipal parking lots along the way Lucan.
SHUTTLE: service available for those who adhere to our guided tours or guests of the ’ area camper
BY BICYCLE: as for cars. Precautions should be taken by a steep ascent about 700 m

How to contact CEA?
Chiamando lo 0835/332262 or the 388/8925407 or write an email to